How our customers rate our business

The feedback from guests is the most important element in operating a property management business anywhere. The statistics below are a 100% , up to date representation of surveys from our guests since November 2012 and reflect the good, the bad and of course the opinions of those in between. We at Thredbo Accommodation and reservations are pleased to be able to present this ever changing information to you for the betterment of your accommodation booking decision.

Property Survey

Would you stay the in the same property again?:8.5/10

Our average cleanliness on arrival rating:8.5/10

Was our clients expectations met:8.4/10

Was the property value For Money:7.5/10

How did our clients rate the Booking Process:8.3/10

Our Consultants Knowledge of the properties:8.5/10

Would Recommend us to your friends?:9.3/10

For a Vacation Experience Like No Other!

Come sun or snow, Thredbo remains the most popular vacation destination is Australia, catering to families, youngsters, business travelers as well as couples on a romantic getaway.

Nestled among the majestic mountains of New South Wales, this idyllic village and ski resort is not only one of the most picturesque destinations in the country but also it is famed for its myriad of entertainment options, and we have Thredbo accommodation choices that will help you to make the most of the area’s offerings.

Why come to Thredbo for your next holiday?

Whether you are interested in a short, weekend sojourn to rejuvenate yourself or are keen on a longer interlude, Thredbo will not disappoint. Located 500 km from Sydney, this premier vacation resort is just 6 km from the tallest peak in the country, which means that you will never want for adventure and fun when at Thredbo.

Here are just a few of the region’s attractions that have enthralled visitors from all over the world:

• Spectacularly picturesque and Long ski runs

• State of the art snow making system

• A superlative range of Thredbo accommodation options

• Variety of terrain parks

• European vacation village atmosphere
• Cosmopolitan environment
• Groomed trails
• Buzzing night life
• Easy access to the mountain ranges
• A plethora of things to do off and on slopes
• Fantastic mix of eateries
• Gondola ride to dinner
• Saturday night fireworks and flare runs 
• Twilight skiing

How does our accommodation Thredbo make your stay in the area memorable and comfortable?

Range of options: From spacious 2 and 3 bedroom chalets to cozy studio apartments, we have them all, so that you do not have to cram your loved ones into a small space or compromise on family time by living in separate rooms of a lodge or hotel.

Strategically located: All of our properties are chosen for their proximity to the various attractions of Thredbo. In fact, with some of our chalets, you could ski right down to the door of the house.

Extraordinary standards of service: We pride ourselves in setting service standards in the hospitality business of Thredbo. We have clients who have been using our services for years and this stands as a testament to our commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction.

Well maintained:
All of our chalets and apartments are superlatively maintained. This means that you can expect all the modern amenities including WiFi, cable TV, coffee maker and more when spending your holidays at one of our rentals.