Thredbo Accommodation and Reservations, Discover Thredbo were the pioneers in modern day holiday rental short term property management and have carved out a niche in the Snowy Mountains village of Thredbo by selling our product rather than price. Both our tariffs and our occupancy are generally higher than the overall market. We pride ourselves on delivering a reliable, high quality product to guests that encourages repeat custom and referrals.

Our high level of repeat guests, often switching between houses, are testament to our ability to deliver what they want. The result for you is a well managed holiday home, not only in respect to bookings, but also general maintenance and the consideration of guests.

Because we work mainly at the higher end of the market we generally attract more considerate groups who will respect your property. Much of our business is word of mouth with most of our guests coming from the more affluent suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Communication. We will be in constant contact with you, keeping your property well maintained and letting you know what is going on.
Transparency. You have access to the same systems we use online 24 hours a day, so you can see forward bookings, accounts and where we’re up to. All expenses are itemised and any problems openly discussed.
Technology. Thredbo Accommodation and Reservations is the developer of the revolutionary Genkan property management software and uses a fully integrated online booking, trust account, job log, inventory and communications platform.

In order for our business to remain viable and so that we can provide a premium service to both guests and yourself we require the following:

Luxury property. In order to keep the number of properties we manage at a comfortable level. .
Exclusivity. We request that we be the only property managers you engage to look after your rental. Having more than one party coordinating guests, payments, cleaners and bookings results in a poor experience for all involved.
Presentation. The property must be kept in a high state of repair in order to manage guest expectations. From time to time we will need to do spring cleans, repairs and garden maintenance.
Peak period availability. As we invest a lot of time and money in setting properties up for holiday rentals and In order for the arrangement to viable, we need your property to be available for rentals over peak periods.

List your Property

Greater Exposure

We list your property on our own website, as well as more than 6 other websites enabling you to reach a larger number of potential guests!


We have experienced and talented photographers who are available to take quality photos of your property. They know just how to highlight the best features!


Monthly Payments

Payments are made every month directly into your account with an accompanying statement and report on your property.

Claim On Tax

Our services are 100% tax deductible as expenses incurred. Why spend precious time managing your own property when we can do it for you.


Cleaning and Linen

Our cleaners ensure your property is at its best for each guest. They thoroughly clean and change all linen. Our cleaners pride themselves on trustworthiness and quality.

Calendar Sync

For those who want to be kept in the loop. We’ve set up our calendar so you can synchronise it directly to your phone or computer! Making it easy to keep track of your investment.


Property Inspections

In between tenants, a member of our team completes an inspection to ensure your property remains in good condition.

Screening and Checks

We position your listing to attract the right tenants and take appropriate care to ensure your property is rented to responsible tenants.


Inventory Monitoring

We ensure that all items are accounted for after each tenant. We always hold a security deposit to cover any loss or breakages.

Much More

We are a full service agency and we go above and beyond to ensure your property is looked after in every way. We are constantly improving on our services.


For more information on our services please call our managers in Thredbo, call us on 02 64 577365