Unwind or wind up, slow down or speed up

Thredbo snowy mountainsImagine if you could design your own holiday destination. A place that combined natural beauties with well-designed and easily accessible living spaces; an environment that provided opportunities to find calm hide-aways as well as adrenalin-pumping action; a destination with a smorgasbord of activities for the whole family, and a community dedicated to ensuring your holiday satisfied you to the core.
Perhaps you can imagine such perfection. Will you believe me if I tell you it exists?

Visit Thredbo in autumn to see how close it comes to a perfect holiday spot. There you can unwind or wind up, slow down or speed up. The precious, alpine environment is the backdrop for creating your own adventure or finding a cosy place in nature’s reading room with a book. Move in the slow lane or the fast lane. Holiday in your lane!

The Easter – School holidays is full with high altitude fun.

Thredbo has adventure in spades. Not that you have to dig deep to find Thredbo is the place to get high on Australia. The region boasts the highest golf course (AGU rated; 9 holes), mountain biking, and tennis courts. And you can discover the lure of fly fishing in some of the country’s highest and most pristine, snow-fed lakes and creeks. You can take yourself to secret spots, or go with a guide and learn the art of hooking salmon and trout.

Mount KosciuszkoHere, you can stroll around the village or take a chairlift to the top of the country for the highest walks in Australia – with friends or a local guide. The mesh and paved walkway make Mount Kosciuszko a backcountry walk for the whole family. Other trails can take you to alpine lakes and Dead Horse Gap. You could take a Kosciuszko sunset walk. At this altitude, the fresh alpine air and vast 360 degree landscapes invite peak attitudes! And photographs!
Elsewhere on the mountain, you can watch or join your kids on the bobsled. Or gasp with excitement as you hang over the edge of a precipice, safely roped on for an abseil.

Down in the village, there’s a leisure centre with its heated pool and a range of other family adventures, including:

    • Kids Night Adventures
    • Mountain Bike Pump Track Workshops
    • Slack line Workshops
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Outdoor Movies
    • Trampolines
    • Skate park
    • Face painting
    • BMX Bandit – Roving Clown
    • Giant Games of Chess, Checkers, Connect 4 and Jenga on Keller Green
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Mission Inflatable – an extreme obstacles course at the Thredbo Leisure Centre
    • Thredbo distillery.

Eggs, excitement and extras


The Easter Family Adventure (25-28 March) is a wonderful entrée to what Thredbo has to offer.
If the fun of a Giant Kids Easter Egg Hunt on Thredbo’s Village Green is not enough reason to visit, the adventure of a Golden Easter Egg Hunt with $10,000 waiting to be found in the mountains may be the temptation you need.
And there’s live music, a spit roast and an opportunity to win a Giant Mountain Bike.
School holidays that will excite and exhaust you…
And the kids.

As well as all the opportunities for adventure, the school holidays have some special activities for the family.

There’s a daily treasure hunt (9-17 April) for the family to discover Thredbo and find treasure. Grab map from the Thredbo Information Centre and follow those clues!

In that same week, you can make multi-shaped, multi-coloured pasta art. Or you can create a plaster masterpiece – a plasterpiece – of a wombat, echidna, koala or your favourite design. The Thredbo Games Room near the Information Centre has all the details.

Or you can walk the tightrope on a slackline in the Village Green. You can learn some balancing tricks along the way.
Each night from 9-17 April, bring a chair and some food and drink to the big-screen family movies at the base of the Kosciuszko Express.

Thredbo MTB is hosting free Pump Track mountain biking workshops for kids on the 10, 12, 14, 16 April. Each session is designed to build confidence and skills on the Village Green Pump Track.

On 10 April, there’s a mountain bike clinic specially designed to offer girls a non-intimidating introduction to downhill riding. Conducted by World Cup races, the Gravity Girls clinic is suitable for riders of all ages and abilities. It aims to improve such skills as body position, cornering, braking, drops and jumps from whatever starting point of experience. Then there’s a lot of terrain and a Skills Park to continue practising on.

Explore Thredbo on a bike

Mt Kosciuszko Walking at Blue Lake

In a more leisurely way, you can explore Thredbo on a bike. Join the Thredbo Valley guided ride for a beautiful and exciting 15km ride from Thredbo to the lush green riverside location of Thredbo Diggings. You’ll ride along the rushing Thredbo River and make crossings on some impressive suspension bridges over undulating landscapes. These rides run on 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 16, 17 April. Check at Thredbo Sports for information.

Also in mid April, kids can learn to boulder and climb at the leisure centre under the guidance of K7 Adventures. If they have any energy left at the end of the day, kids can join the adventure guides for a sausage sizzle dinner and games, then head out to discover Thredbo’s famous night life in nature. There’s a chance they’ll come back with stories of wombats and possums.

Family Activity Pass Deal

To enjoy all these activities, Thredbo offers family-friendly pricing. Because kids are those who are 17 years and under, the Kids Play Free deal has added value. When two adults purchase a range of passes up to three children get their pass FREE.

These include:

  • Summer All Mountain Pass that includes chairlift, bobsled, Leisure Centre, golf and tennis
  • Kosciuszko Pass
  • 3 for 2 All Mountain Pass
  • Mt Kosciuszko Day Guided Walk

Hide-aways and quiet time for yourself while kids occupied…..the only problem is they’ll have so much fun they’ll never shut-up when they get back…..
Kids will push you off the couch in exhaustion not boredom….tired from too much to do not too little!
Take your camera…but remember the photos are not the experience…

Thredbo homes to stayWhere to stay ?

Enjoy the best holiday accommodation in Australia

Find hide-aways and quiet time for yourself while kids are occupied. The only problem is they’ll have so much fun they’ll never shut-up when they get back. They’ll want to push you off the couch, not out of boredom but out of exhaustion – they’ll be tired from too much to do not too little!

Thredbo has a wide range of accommodation and prices. You can rent a private chalet, tucked away just for you. Or find a B&B that doesn’t cost the earth. There’s luxury and there’s simplicity. You can even find great places with a spa for two or the whole family.

For more visit www.thredbo-accommodation.com.au

Peak experiences

Autumn in the snowy offers the known: mountains, food, great accommodation, adventure and entertainment for the whole family. It has a village atmosphere that makes the rest of the world disappear.

CHEESE-AND-WINE-640X480-modified-date (2)Will the sun draw us outside? Will early season snow have us marvelling at its calming, quietening beauty? Will clouds and rain have us huddled up reading a book, sharing delicious wines, or soaking in a spa? Will be venture out regardless of what nature does?

  • Bring your woolly jumpers. Enjoy a fresh walk as winter knocks on the mountain doors. Perhaps taste an early snowflake and see white dustings on the peaks. It might be cold outside with an early icy winter wind. But it’ll be warm inside with smiles and family and good food. You may even enjoy an evening in the spa at your accommodation.
  • Bring your camera. Cold. Wet. Sunny. Hot. Whatever nature decides, you can be ready to snap up the best shots. Remember, in Thredbo, the photos are not the experience!
  • Bring your taste buds. The food and wine will make them dance in your mouth!
  • Bring your togs. It can be hot in autumn, and you might venture into the water for a swim or just to dip your toes. You might choose to swim in the heated pool at the aquatic centre.
  • Pack your sense of adventure.

Visit Thredbo. Create the perfect holiday. Make the most of what’s on offer. Build your own personalised perfection in Thredbo. Try the Fast Lane; taste the Slow Lane. Make your Own Lane.